Sustainable Poultry Operation
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Establishing Your Own Sustainable Poultry Operation

When it comes to sustainable operations you can start on your own, most people think they are limited to gardens. While personal gardens are a good start, you can also establish your very own poultry operation. This is a great way to reduce your impact on the planet, but there are a few things to handle right off the bat such as knowing what to feed your chickens. This helps ensure the greatest chance of success.

Know What Your Goals Are 

Before you acquire any supplies or chickens, it is important for you to know what you want to gain out of this. Do you just want eggs and chicken meat for your own use, or do you plan on selling? This needs to be established immediately.

Create a Budget 

It takes some upfront capital to get started. Set aside money so that you have enough to acquire a good shelter for the chickens, and you can buy healthy feed. It takes some money now, but you benefit financially in the long run.

Decide on a Breed

You only want one type of chicken around your property to avoid any clashes. The best breed for you will depend on what you want out of your chickens. Some breeds get fatter quicker and are better for meat. Other breeds produce more eggs.

Establish Housing

You need to designate a part of your property for where the shelter will go. The amount of space you need to clear away will ultimately depend on the number of chickens you expect to take on. Additionally, if your city is prone to harsh winters and summers, then you want to be sure the shelter will keep the chickens comfortable.

There is a lot to plan out before you get your first chicks. However, by knowing what chicken houses to get and what to feed your chickens, you can be certain this sustainable operation will last for years.

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