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The power of sprouting

Put simply, sprouts are used to alkalize the body and protect it from diseases and that includes cancer. By the help of sprouted seeds, grains, legumes or nuts you support your body’s cell regeneration, which is why sprouting is a very popular thing among people that are into longevity and holistic wellness. So, if you want to live long and live a healthy life, sprouting is something that you might want to consider incorporating into your lifestyle.

The nutritional value in the sprouts is super high and hence you can eat a lot less to get the same amount of nutrients as you would if you ate mature vegetables, seeds and nuts. It is also not hard to sprout at home, so you can learn how to do it at a very low cost instead of buying expensive sprouts at the health food shop. Your sprouts will provide you with a fantastic source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes that together form a tremendous defence against the body’s free radicals.

Sprouting can be done just simply with a bowl or mason jar at home, but we recommend that you get a manual or an automatic sprouter. Get on our mailing list to take advantage of our email marketing promotions and tips to learn more and more about how you can meet, and even exceed, your health goals. We teach you how to go green, live a sustainable life and take care of yourself, your community and our planet as a whole.

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